Our Values

All companies need values to act as their pillars. The following principles guide all our interactions.

These principles impact the way we work internally and, above all, how we engage with our users and clients.


The Numu team is composed of members who come from 3 different continents. We hold diverse backgrounds from Computational Physics to Law and Business Administration.

We use the latest tool available to work remotely and hire based on talent and not nationality. All of it in order to facilitate communication between our 6 different mother tongues.


This value transcends any language or cultural barrier. Each member of the team has a strict values’ system and a similar moral, which he/she proved in order to be part of the team.

Honesty and trust are the pillars that guide us and enable us to collaborate to achieve the best possible results.


For Numu to succeed and reach its full potential, every detail must be beyond perfection. At Numu, we do not accept anything less than perfect, we continually strive for excellence in everything we do.

We know Numu is an innovative idea and that because of it, we’ll have to face skepticism. The aversion to change and the distrust of new projects have always been our biggest barriers.


The three previous values are not enough to fully understand Numu. Every member of the team enjoys every step with Numu. They are some of the most passionate and enthusiastic people you can meet.

The entire company has the same passion as the founding members, it’s something contagious. At Numu we enjoy everything we do, from staying a whole night awake coding to having an important meeting with large corporations or just share a pizza together.